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Zainab. Ali. 

Ali. Zainab. 

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Don’t for a second think that the timing of Israel’s offensive on Gaza is a coincidence.

The geopolitical situation in the region over the last few years has been set up in a manner so that the Palestinians are isolated.

The Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt to put the military back in power. Locking Gaza geographically was of primary importance and who better than Israel’s best ally in the region to do that.

Hezbollah which happens to be the only group to successfully challenge Israel over the last two decades is being kept busy by the conflict in Syria.

America’s timing of its troop withdrawal from Iraq coinciding with ISIS’s entry into Iraq sowed the seeds for further sectarian conflict. It’s all so perfect. We will kill you, and you keep killing each other.

As for the other Arab and Muslim nations, fuck them all. They all claim to care for their Muslim brothers in Gaza but never utter a word. Tomorrow, the attacks will stop and we will forget all about this. And that is the worst bit. Our anger and concern is temporary. Israel will come back for more. They always have and will keep doing so.

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""Happiness is the enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubt in your mind. Suddenly, you have something to lose."  "
Niki Lauda in Rush
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"What would the Holy Prophet (s) do if he was alive today? What issue would occupy the Prophet’s mind? By Allah, we are responsible regarding this crisis. By God, we have a responsibility. By God, we are being ignorant. By God, this very issue would break the heart of the Prophet today. The problem that would fill Husayn ibn Ali’s heart with sorrow today is this issue. If Husayn ibn Ali was present today, he would say: If you people want to mourn for me today, if you want to lament over me, your slogan must be Palestine. Shimr of 1300 years ago is dead, is gone. Get to know your Shimr of today."
Shaheed Mutahhari (via al-sabur)

Once again, we have as an ummah failed Gaza.

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Tumko hum dil mein basa lenge,
Tum aao to sahi

Saari duniya se chupa lenge,
Tum aao to sahi

(I’ll keep you within the deepest confines of my heart,

 If only you were to come

 I’ll hide you from the entire world,

 If only you were to come)

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"God wants to see
More love and playfulness in your eyes
For that is your greatest witness to him."
Hafiz, The Gift  (via hannahsofia)

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"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green 
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Strive for relationships that exist because of your individual traits. Not the ones you have because of your name. 

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"Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable."
Someone. Paraphrased.
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